Austin Geocaching In The Media

By Austin Explorer

Austin-area geocachers have been mentioned in numerous media outlets over the last few years. Here's what we believe to be a complete list of Austin geocaching in the news. If there's a local media mention that I've missed please let me know.

May 26, 2001
The first known news story about geocaching in Austin highlighted Austin's first geocachers, Pumpkin Princess and Eoghan. How early is this coverage? The article boasted that there were a grand total of 15 caches in the Austin Area! Blazerman scanned pages one and two of the article.

February 24, 2003?
Austin's own Moosiegirl, The Outlaw and TreyB are included in a series of reports about geocaching on San Antonio TV. KSAT produced two stories on geocaching with a very odd twist when the reporter mentions "addiction".

Aug. 10, 2005
Geocaching ambassador Moosiegirl was featured on a KXAN-TV Firstcast story. Geocaching fared much better in this story than in the KSAT effort.

Oct. 21, 2005
News 8 Austin (Austin's 24 hours station on Time Warner Cable) ran multiple segments on geocaching in their Fit For Friday series. Gadget Girl and Inspector Gadget showed reporter Amy Hadley how it's done. Most of the segments were combined by Inspector Gadget into one file and are available here.

Gadget Girl, Mrs. Captain Picard, Inspector Gadget and Gabi do a great job explaining how geocaching works and leading Amy on an actual hunt. Be on the alert for a view of the infamous The Outlaw and TreyB wedding photo!

December 2005
Mary Ann (Grrlfrog) was featured in an article about geocaching in the December 2005 issue of Austin Magazine.

October 13, 2006
cpnowak stars in one of the better news stories about geocaching to appear in the local media. The KABB TV (San Antonio) story features kids having a great time and I'm not sure that a single fact was reported incorrectly. Impressive.

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