Geocaching on KXAN Firstcast

By Austin Explorer

Once again, Moosiegirl takes center stage and provides a fine performance as the unofficial spokesperson for geocaching in the Austin-area. This time around she appeared on KXAN-TV's Firstcast morning show. The show actually included two separate segments, both of which featured Candy. And no, Candy did not adopt the screen name Cindy, despite what reporter Kate Weidaw says. With all of these TV appearances Candy may be required to join some actors guild or something!

I'd say that the coverage that geocaching got here is MUCH, MUCH better than the hack job done by KSAT in San Antonio. KXAN did do a couple of things I'd would have changed. First, though they did show a cache placement, the actual cache itself was not mentioned, so it's not entirely giving the spot away and the closeup of the shot probably precludes anyone using it to find the cache. Secondly, they mentioned the Rock virtual cache in Zilker next to Barton Springs Pool. They mentioned that you have to translate a work from the book on the statue and then they went and zoomed in on the text! Oh well.

Recording and encoding of these videos is courtesy of Alan Curry.

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