Bastrop State Park - Lost Pines Trail Photos

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at the lookout
the old lookout bldg (Photo by jimmy peace)
along the trail
ferns and deadwood (Photo by jimmy peace)
along the trail
starting from the lookout area (Photo by jimmy peace)
the washed out road
this is what is left when the dike broke a yr ago (Photo by jimmy peace)
ashes and burned trees, (Photo by jimmy peace)
A forest of dead trees on the Purple Trail
Lots of dead pines, plus some living oaks and an exuberantly fruitful yaupon on the Purple Trail on the east side of the park. (Photo by plectrudis)
New bridge & winter grasses
The park has built new bridges on the Red Trail creek crossings. The grasses are wearing their winter colors, which adds to the sense of desolation. (Photo by plectrudis)
Arrestingly primitive-looking CCC-built overlook
The fat columns on this CCC-built overlook resemble some sort of Neolithic monument. (Photo by plectrudis)
View of the trail
Nice and dry this year. (Photo by Eveline)
Trail View
Yes, there's a trail here. If you have trouble seeing it look for the trail blazes on the trees. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
The numerous ponds that dot the landscape are favorite Houston Toad breeding grounds. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
Trail View
Most of the trail consists of easy terrain, though a few spots are mildly steep. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
Dead trees, or snags, are not an eyesore. They're a natural part of a forest's cycle of rebirth. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
Man's best friend
The farther away from the trailhead you travel the fewer people you'll enounter. This backpacker and his dog were one of the few. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
CCC Pavilion
Coming up the trail the pavilion sit on top the hill. (Photo by Eveline)
Taking a break in the rain.
The girls resting on a rock outcropping. (Photo by Eveline)
(Photo by Miles)
(Photo by Miles)
(Photo by Miles)
(Photo by Miles)
(Photo by Miles)
(Photo by Miles)