Good Water Trail Photos

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Tricky footing
It may not look all that treacherous, but picking your way over these pointy, holey rocks for hours takes its toll. (Photo by plectrudis)
Glorious emerald mound in winter
After the rains in late Dec 2015, the falls were brilliantly green and gushing with water. (Photo by plectrudis)
Goodwater Loop - jeep track from Tejas Park trailhead
The trail is much more comfortable in December--there's some fall color, and the grasshoppers are dead/dormant. (Photo by plectrudis)
San Gabriel River in Tejas Park - Goodwater Loop
Take the little foot trail to the left off of the main jeep track from the Tejas Park trailhead to reach the river. ~1.5 mi from trailhead. (Photo by plectrudis)
Nice view
The trail is full of views like this. (Photo by WarriorHistorian)
Find me if you can
Geocache marker I left well off the beaten path behind Crockett Gardens. (Photo by WarriorHistorian)
Very tall primitive fence
Tallest primitive fence I have seen, located just south of mile marker 3. (Photo by WarriorHistorian)
Old corral
Old corral wall still standing. (Photo by WarriorHistorian)
Old wall
I believe this was part of the original living quarters. (Photo by WarriorHistorian)
Springs crossing
Springs crossing (Photo by WarriorHistorian)
Shed ruins
Old ruins of a shed. (Photo by WarriorHistorian)
Crockett Garden Falls
Crockett Garden Falls (Photo by WarriorHistorian)
Crockett Garden Marker
Crockett Garden Marker (Photo by WarriorHistorian)
Sunset over Georgetown Lake on Christmas Day, 2008
Sunset over Georgetown Lake on Christmas Day, 2008, on the Good Water Trail leading to Crockett Gardens and Falls. (Photo by infernoii)
Trail View
At the Cedar Breaks trailhead the path is easy. Things get a bit rougher when the trail meets the lake and starts following its shore. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
Crockett Springs feeds a couple of waterfalls that descend into an arm of the lake. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
Near the springs the ruins of a springhouse and corral can be found. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
Limestone outcropping
Located less than a half-mile in from Jim Hogg Park, this is one of the neat features of this section. (Photo by dburatti)
The Goodwater Trail cuts right through a corral. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
Another Building
Another of the ruins found at Crockett Gardens. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
Trail View
The trail near the trailhead is composed of gravel. That soon changes in about a quarter mile. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
Lake Georgetown
Lake Georgetown as seen from a point along the trail. Early enough in the day before the boaters showed up. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
Crockett Springs Falls
A rainy month prior to my hike meant that the falls at Crockett Gardens were gushing more than usual. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
Rougher Trail
The terrain between mile 5 and 6 may be the most interesting. The trail gets very rough and ventures through numerous rock fields. (Photo by Austin Explorer)