plusrich's Location Log Entries

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 Toothy Grin  3/15/2015  Geocache
 Master of my Domain  2/18/2015  Geocache
 Hunter's HighLight  7/18/2013  Geocache
 Made For Walking  7/15/2013  Geocache
 Texas Spirit Quest #88: Grumbles Cemetery  6/15/2013  Geocache
 Staggering By The Oaks #3: FORE!!!  6/15/2013  Geocache
 Marley's Cache  4/22/2013  Geocache
 The "V" Tree  3/14/2013  Geocache
 Oops!...I did it again...  12/29/2012  Geocache
 South Meadows TB Hotel  12/29/2012  Geocache
 SouthPark Meadows Concert Series  12/29/2012  Geocache
 La Maison de Thé  7/17/2012  Geocache
 Austin Homegrown 8  7/17/2012  Geocache
 p-AT&T-io  7/17/2012  Geocache
 Virtual Cache Mania III - Texas Academe  7/17/2012  Geocache
 Virtual Cache Mania I - Texas History  7/17/2012  Geocache
 What up dawg?  7/17/2012  Geocache
 Four Hands and a Jack  7/17/2012  Geocache
 Cold Lampin'  7/17/2012  Geocache
 Art on the LAB  7/17/2012  Geocache
 Austin Homegrown 12  7/17/2012  Geocache
 A WHOMPIN GOOD TIME  7/17/2012  Geocache
 Guess The Movie?  6/23/2012  Geocache
 Phone/text a friend  5/28/2012  Geocache
 omelet tree  5/16/2012  Geocache