alancurry's Location Log Entries

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 Texas Style Pit Stop - North Bound  2/21/2009  Geocache
 Why Stop #2  9/19/2008  Geocache
 Frog Sax  9/19/2008  Geocache
 Good Will to All  9/19/2008  Geocache
 What is the temperature  9/19/2008  Geocache
 Ice Cream?  9/19/2008  Geocache
 Cheap Container Series #2  9/19/2008  Geocache
 A caching we will go!!  8/29/2008  Geocache
 I'll Huff and I'll Puff  9/23/2007  Geocache
 BBQ and fun  3/24/2007  Geocache
 LakeLine #1 -- I'll meet you in Sears Dear  3/3/2007  Geocache
 Silverado Springs - South  1/26/2007  Geocache
 Lolly, Lolly, Lolly, Get Your Caches Here  1/26/2007  Geocache
 The Caboose's First Cache  1/26/2007  Geocache
 ODS: The Gus Christmas Cache  1/7/2007  Geocache
 Do you See-Dear?  1/6/2007  Geocache
 Outside Dad's Favorite Place  1/6/2007  Geocache
 Dropline  1/6/2007  Geocache
 The Columbian Stash Cache  1/6/2007  Geocache
 Horse Whisperer  1/5/2007  Geocache
 Now Wait Just a Cotton Picking Minnick  12/4/2006  Geocache
 Serenity in the Park  6/14/2006  Geocache
 CPTC 2  1/10/2006  Geocache
 CPTC 4-- Travel Tales  12/29/2005  Geocache
 CPTC 1  12/29/2005  Geocache