sec-guy's Location Log Entries

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 Behind Enemy Lines  7/1/2015  Geocache
 The Biggest Liar's Cache Sequel  4/14/2015  Geocache
 Texas Spirit Quest #145: Roberts-Teague Cemetery  12/14/2014  Geocache
 METRO - Howard St.  12/13/2014  Geocache
 Howard Lane Metro Regular  12/13/2014  Geocache
 mavericks  12/13/2014  Geocache
 Let's Go Tubing!  11/28/2014  Geocache
 What's Mayan Is Yours  11/28/2014  Geocache
 The Fallen One  11/28/2014  Geocache
 Ball in a Hole  11/28/2014  Geocache
 Can You Hang?  11/28/2014  Geocache
 Convict Hill  11/9/2014  Geocache
 Storage Area  11/3/2014  Geocache
 The J&W Cache  10/25/2014  Geocache
 Circulating Knowledge  10/5/2014  Geocache
 Pink Gorilla  10/4/2014  Geocache
 Pecan Drive - Regular  10/4/2014  Geocache
 Pecan Road - Small  10/4/2014  Geocache
 Dinosaur Land  8/16/2014  Geocache
 Wild In The Basin, Virtual Cache Two  8/4/2014  Geocache
 Wild In The Basin, Virtual Cache Three  8/4/2014  Geocache
 Texas Hill Country  8/4/2014  Geocache
 Wild In The Basin, Gone Virtual  8/4/2014  Geocache
 Live long and prosper  7/15/2014  Geocache
 Wier Hills Circle  6/3/2014  Geocache