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 What QueenZelda loves about South Austin  2/10/2013  Geocache
 Electric Avenue  9/20/2011  Geocache
 Head Over Here  9/6/2009  Geocache
 AusTX GeoGuy's First Cache  8/22/2009  Geocache
 Coccinella Septempunctata  8/22/2009  Geocache
 Solenopsis Invicta  8/22/2009  Geocache
 Who Put the UR in URP?  8/20/2009  Geocache
 There's No Place Like Home  8/20/2009  Geocache
 Work in progress  10/28/2008  Geocache
 Welcome To The Jungle  10/27/2008  Geocache
 GPSTHEGAME South Austin  12/16/2006  Geocache
 Home Tweet Home  12/16/2006  Geocache
 Overgrown  11/10/2006  Geocache
 Let Me Count The Ways....  11/7/2006  Geocache
 ABOUT AUSTIN  11/6/2006  Geocache
 MJ's SALI cache  11/3/2006  Geocache
 Muggle Proof Cache  11/2/2006  Geocache
 WTH - Keebler's Cousin  11/2/2006  Geocache
 Buying in Bulk  11/1/2006  Geocache
 Virtual Cache Mania I - Texas History  11/1/2006  Geocache
 Downtown Austin Nano  11/1/2006  Geocache
 Roman Nights  10/29/2006  Geocache
 The Magic of Huygens  10/28/2006  Geocache
 A Tribute to Mr. Hitchcock  10/10/2006  Geocache
 The Tree  10/7/2006  Geocache