Update- Haile Hanger / Howards Nursery

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User: Bobby Schreiber - 8/13/2009

Location: Haile Airport



Born a Brackenridge baby back in 1975, I'm so proud to call myself a native Austinite. If you weren't born here, but now reside in Greater Austin, I'm still glad you're here and pleased to meet you.  Now, for the enthusiasts who search the nooks and crannies of Austin longing for bits of the past that we would all like to see preserved, there is a silver lining along the gray cloud that hovers over the what I now call the Zilker"condo"park, the former home of the Mobile Manor RV Park just south of the river.  Alright, with that out of the way, in regards to the Haile Hanger / Howards Nursery site, it is with great pleasure that I'm able to share that this tract of land will be reopened, as a nursery, a complete soil yard, and the hanger and all available space in between will be filled to the brim, wall to wall  with reclaimed/salvaged/restored bldg. materials. Folks, a true Austin architectural treasure hunting ground and garden one stop.  There are so many improvements on the way to this site, please stop by and see me day after day in hopes that year after year we'll get to know one another and prolong eminent domain or another empty shell of a condo project gone south.  I'll be in the hanger or on the grounds working to breathe some life back in the soil starting yesterday and am happy to take a breather from the moderately warm temps we've had hanging around this summer and fill any interested Howards patrons or fellow Austinites ears full of the great things to come.  Come by and see a revolution in the making, as literally every bit of the inventory is 100% salvaged or reclaimed and came from the very homes and buildings that USED to be down the road from me or down the road from you. Alright my friends, am looking forward to seeing you there.... better yet, bring the whole family and your neighbors to boot....

 Backyard Nursery & Salvage Co.


Austin, TX 78751


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Austin, Texas, entered the aviation age on October 29, 1911, when Calbraith Perry Rodgers landed his Wright EX Flyer in a vacant field near the present-day intersection of Duval and 45th Streets. Some 3,000 excited people rushed out to see the pilot and his plane, much like the hundreds of thousands who mobbed Charles A. Lindbergh and The Spirit of St. Louis in Paris sixteen years later. Though no one that day in Austin could foresee all the changes that would result from manned flight, people here—as in cities and towns across the United States—realized that a new era was opening, and they greeted it with all-out enthusiasm.