Another Athens of Texas

All that remains of Salado College's building are a foundation and a few exterior walls.
User: Austin Explorer - 12/2/2012

Location: Salado College



Coppertone and I stopped by for a visit while strolling through the shops in town on this day.  This is not the only school that made the claim of being the "Athens" of Texas.  I think Austin College made the same claim.

All that remains are some of the exterior walls of the two story building.  It's hard to believe that even this building could accomodate the nearly 300 students that had enrolled near its height.

Local preservationists seem to be doing a good job of keeping the remains in stable condition and the addition of some plaques and the Robertson monument (founder and benefactor) provide some background in a time when Salado was an up and coming metro area.

Log Photos
Salado College Ruins
More walls
Robertson Monument
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