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Christmas Caper II

Food, drink, conversation
Party attendees load up on food and drink while discussing this year's caching adventures. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
Caching Cake
Jessica's geocaching cake not only tasted great, but matched the day's theme. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
Directional Pie
Not to be outdone, Charlotte's (Team GeoDillo) pie also combined taste with a caching motif. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
Round table
The back lighting was terrible for the camera, but great for the party goers. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
TreyB opened up the white elephant exchange. He would use his first spot to have his pick of the gifts later. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
Scott of Team GeoDillo
Scott (Team GeoDillo) unwraps his Rube Goldberg-like wind-up toy. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
Charlotte of Team GeoDillo
Charlotte (Team GeoDillo) sports a nice Garmin cap. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
Shannon of Team Bohica
Shannon (Team Bohica) tries to figure out just what she has. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
Marilyn of threelanes
Marilyn (threelanes) opens up her gift, a "road turtle". Not removed from a public road, we assume! (Photo by Austin Explorer)
Sarah of threelanes
Sarah (threelanes) opens up a desk organizer that had been set free by Coppertone, only to have it returned via gift exchange to a spot two feet from its former home. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
Penny (Coppertone) checks out her monocular. Someone snatched it from her later. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
Team Gecko and Coppertone
Penny finds Team Gecko's reaction quite amusing. (Photo by Austin Explorer)

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