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Champion Cemetery

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Brushy Creek Road
Round Rock Williamson
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A view of Champion Cemetery from the Brushy Creek Regional Trail.
Champion Ranch is a very small plot located adjacent to the Brushy Creek Regional Trail. In keeping with the well maintained park space the cemetery itself is also well cared for. It is surrounded by a small wrought iron fence and includes am historical marker and an American flag.

The cemetery is named for the family of John "Jack" Champion. Originally from South Carolina he settled into Texas in 1850 and married Naomi Standefer, with whom he had seven children. In 1854 he bought 200 acres along Brushy Creek. He served both in the civil war and was county sheriff for a short time.

The headstones are obviously not the originals. The slabs are largely pristine, of consistent quality and sit on concrete bases. In addition to the markers that have been replaced, there is evidence of several unmarked graves as well.

It's often sad to see old family cemeteries that get engulfed in the sprawl that explodes around them. However, this little cemetery seems to have found itself in as attractive location as possible in this quickly growing area.

A Texas Historical Marker at this location reads:

John (Jack) Champion (1817-1908) was a native of York County, South Carolina. He moved to Texas by 1850, the year he and Naomi Jane Standefer (1834-1862) were issued a marriage license in Williamson County. In 1854, Champion bought more than 200 acres at the headwaters of Brushy Creek. He later served in the Civil War and, briefly, as County Sheriff. The grave of Naomi, the mother of seven of Champion's nineteen children, is the oldest of the four marked graves in the pioneer family's cemetery. Surveys indicate the presence of at least five unmarked graves. Historic Texas Cemetery - 2002


Grave Marker In addition to the marked graves, surveys show up to five unmarked graves in the cemetery. (Photo by Austin Explorer) Graves In addition to the marked graves, surveys should there could be up to five unmarked graves in the cemetery. (Photo by Austin Explorer)

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