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Decker Free Church Cemetery

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10309 Decker Lane
Austin Travis
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The Decker Free Church Cemetery resides at the location of the former Decker Swedish Evangelical Free Church. This congregation was formed by Swedish immigrants who settled into the Decker area in the 1880's. The group sought new land and freedom from the Swedish State Church. The land for a church and cemetery was given by Joseph and Charlotta Johnson in 1892.

Drought and crop failures forced many families to move away from the area and church membership dwindled. Many of the area families moved to Austin and formed the Swedish Evangelical Free Church in 1923. The material for their new church in part came from the materials at the Decker and Elroy churchs as they were torn down. In 1952 the congregation changed its name to The First Evangelical Free Church and continues to maintain the cemetery property to this day.

The Decker Free Church Cemetery, like the nearby Decker Cemetery, illustrate the interesting pattern of immigration into the United States. Travelling from afar to a new land the immigrants sought comfort with other families from their homeland. In Texas this is evident with pockets of ethnicity that continue to leave their mark today. Germans, Czechs and Swedes are but a few examples of the many ingredients into the American mix.


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