Greenwood Cemetery

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Heavenly music
Irene Franklin's marker gives visitors a good idea about an important part of her life. Care to take a guess? (Photo by Austin Explorer)
Thank you Ollie Bryant
Ollie Bryant's marker goes into great detail about his life, in particular his heroics in World War II. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
Angle block
The Shaw family headstone features the carving of an interesting rectangular shape nestled on edge. The rough circular shapes at the end of the rectangles resemble mortar, as though filling in a hollow core. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
H. Nelson's grave ensures that on grass grows over it. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
Handmade art work
This personal item left at a grave for Mom and Dad features wire chairs and probably a flower pot in the middle that has broken off. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
Circular headstone
Beulah Hahn's circular headstone is of a design I had not yet seen elsewhere. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
Don't Fence Me In
Although the cemetery contains the graves of those recently departed it contains a number of graves from the late 1800's and early 1900's. Family plots surrounded by iron fencing was more common then. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
Recommended Item
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Bill Harvey
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