Round Rock Cemetery Photos

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Broken stones
Few standing or legible headstones are present in the slave portion of the cemtery. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
Stone Cross
The hispanic section of the cemtery includes many stones in Spanish. Several of the stones, such as this intricately carved cross, are particularly interesting. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
Sam Bass
The new Sam Bass marker sits directly in front of the original, chipped tombstone. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
Deputy Sheriff Grimes
The final resting place of Deputy Sheriff A.W. Grimes, killed by the Bass gang in 1878. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
Woodmen marker
The common "tree stump" Woodmen tombstone. The cemtery includes a wide variety of Woodmen Memorial designs. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
A marker for multiple children who died young. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
Though not that many headstones have been knocked over, it appears that many of those that have were piled up next to trees, like these. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
Big pile
Strangely, the largest pile of old headstones resides behind Helario Garcia's grave. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
Note that this headstone uses another headstone as its base. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
This is one of the few broken headstones that have remained where they belong. Over the years it appears that fallen or damaged headstones may have been piled up elsewhere. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
Where 'ya headed?
A finger pointed skyward, symbolizing ascent to heaven, is a common headstone theme. This is the only marker we have ever seen with the finger pointed downward, though we feel certain it's not attempting to indicate the damnation of the deceased. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
Old markers that identify consorts are always intriguing. One gets the feeling that an interesting story lies beneath. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
There are several crypts in the cemetery, all of them in various states of collapse such as these. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
Flowing Text
The fluid, curving lines of this marker are distinctive. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
Art Deco
This interesting headstone reminded us of art deco design. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
Woodmen II
Another Woodmen of the World marker. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
Woodmen III
And another. This marker is one of the latest Woodmen markers we've seen (1952). (Photo by Austin Explorer)
Woodmen IV
And another. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
Woodmen V
And another. The Woodmen symbol here resides on the "gable" top of the stone. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
Woodmen VI
And another. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
And another? Well no. This headstone bears the emblem of the Supreme Forest Woodmen Circle, the former ladies auxiliary of the Woodmen of the World. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
Odd Fellow
The letters FLT in three chain links indicates a member of the Oddfellows fraternal organization. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
Confederate soldier
Round Rock Cemetery contains a few veterans of wars, some of them old, such as Confederate veteran Moses Arledge. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
Spanish-American War soldier
Samuel Loving was a veteran of the Spanish-American War. Have you ever seen many Spanish-American War veteran headstones? (Photo by Austin Explorer)