Spicewood Valley Trail Photos

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low water dam at creek
creek (Photo by jimmy peace)
old fence
split rail (Photo by jimmy peace)
along the trail
hitting the trail (Photo by jimmy peace)
holey rock
at the y to the rest of the trail (Photo by jimmy peace)
concrete trough
not sure how old this is (Photo by jimmy peace)
other wreck
this is the other rust bucket (Photo by jimmy peace)
just love the greenery (Photo by jimmy peace)
old junker
one of two wrecks along the trail, and still trying to figure how it got here unless by fllood long ago (Photo by jimmy peace)
always love the mossy remains (Photo by jimmy peace)
Wreckage in the field
I'm assuming a flood is how this got here, but I want to know where it came from and how long it has been out there, rusting. (Photo by heatharcadia)
Natural waterfall
This natural waterfall was on the opposite side of the creek from the trail. It looks to be spring-fed (I didn't see another creek on the other side). (Photo by heatharcadia)
Springs on the ledge
These probably aren't dripping all of the time, but the weather has been wet enough that there was a steady drip. (Photo by heatharcadia)
Dam watrerfall
A nice waterfall over a dam. I could see a trail on the other side of the dam, but the water was flowing too much over the dam for me to cross without totally soaking my shoes and socks. (Photo by heatharcadia)
The start of the trail is just across the street from Mountain View Park. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
The rugged terrain of the northern half of the trail required extensive stonework by volunteers to construct. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
Trail View
The trail parallels a ridge of rock in the northern part of the park. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
The southern half of the trail is flatter. Even here some stonework can be found in the form of stone benches in the distance. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
This man-made waterfall on the trail is an older example of stonework in the area. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
Trail View
In the southern reaches of the park the path turns into a jeep trail and the vegetation gives way to the open sky. (Photo by Austin Explorer)