Chalk Ridge Falls Park Photos

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the trees are huge (Photo by jimmy peace)
its like being in a jungle (Photo by jimmy peace)
it is sooo sad that others trash our trails (Photo by jimmy peace)
swing bridge
the swing bridge (Photo by jimmy peace)
the falls
water still running (Photo by jimmy peace)
Water Falls
The main attraction at this park is the waterfalls that the kids love. (Photo by Branden)
Here is the bridge that is washed out. (Photo by Branden)
Trail Closed
This is the trail head for the bridge that is washed out. (Photo by Branden)
Washed out bridge
The trail only goes 20 feet more to the left of where this photo was taken. Then the trail is blocked off and there is a collapsed bridge. If you cross the dry stream bed in another 50 feet you will come to this washed-out bridge. (Photo by BrownMJ127)
Near the trailhead
The first portion of the trail is paved, but some rougher stuff lay ahead. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
A winding boardwalk conveys the trail across a wide creek bed near the start of the hike. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
Chalk Ridge Falls
Chalk Ridge Falls, the feature that gives its name to the park that surrounds it. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
The cable suspension bridge provides a safe, but wavy trip across the water downstream from the falls. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
Most of the trail follows along muddy river bank. Erosion control mechanisms, such as this staircase, should not be avoided. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
Lampasas River
The trail provides a number of opportunities to get into the river. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
The red trail across the suspension bridge is more overgrown. Here the trail even picks it way through a thicket of Cottonwood trees. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
The red trail provides heavy tree cover, but also heavy grass coverage of the trail. Often the trail was even more overgrown that shown here. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
Bluff View
From a bluff overlooking the stream that soon feeds Chalk Ridge Falls. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
The Chalk Ridge Falls trailhead. An interpretive sign is under the tree on the righthand side of the trail. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
Chalk Ridge Falls
Another view of the falls, this time head on. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
Bridge closeup
A closeup of the suspension bridge. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
Water On The Trail !
This water was running along the trail,just a few feet,not bad! (Photo by Miles)
Small Dam
This is what the small dam looks like now! (Photo by Miles)
This Is The Small Dam,The Other Picture Is Beaver Damage OOPs
(Photo by Miles)