thewoodman1972's Location Log Entries

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 What's behind the Live Oak Cost?  8/21/2010  Geocache
 Hogwarts, Year 6: Voldemort's Fourth Horcrux  7/17/2010  Geocache
 Hogwarts, Year 5: Hermione's Patronus  7/17/2010  Geocache
 Hogwarts, Year 4: Harry's First Task  7/17/2010  Geocache
 Hogwarts, Year 1: Hagrid's Beast  7/17/2010  Geocache
 Hogwarts, Year 3: Ron's Boggart  7/17/2010  Geocache
 Hogwarts, Year 2: Dumbledore's Defender  7/17/2010  Geocache
 The BesTest cache  7/9/2010  Geocache
 Cave of Books  6/26/2010  Geocache
 I'm Pining Away for You!  6/5/2010  Geocache
 Texas Style Pit Stop - North Bound  6/5/2010  Geocache
 Monumental Overlook  6/4/2010  Geocache
 Built for Access  6/4/2010  Geocache
 OOPS!!  6/4/2010  Geocache
 Oh No! Not another one of these!  6/4/2010  Geocache
 XTX-71-F  6/4/2010  Geocache
 Little Grand Canyon  6/4/2010  Geocache
 Ripple Effect  5/30/2010  Geocache
 "I'm FIRSTY!"  5/30/2010  Geocache
 Rutersville College Cache  5/30/2010  Geocache
 XTX-71-L  5/27/2010  Geocache
 Capitol Area Council, Cache to Eagle #8  5/22/2010  Geocache
 Capitol Area Council, Cache to Eagle, Bonus  5/22/2010  Geocache
 Austin Kids Cache  5/22/2010  Geocache
 XTX-71-E  5/16/2010  Geocache