sjgrammy's Location Log Entries

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 Deirdre  9/21/2008  Geocache
 Is it snowing?  9/21/2008  Geocache
 Strongly Curious  9/20/2008  Geocache
 Alimenteur d' oiseau #2  9/20/2008  Geocache
 Keebler's House  9/20/2008  Geocache
 No Access To MoPac Loop 1  8/17/2008  Geocache
 Cedar Elm  8/2/2008  Geocache
 Hey Maw! Get Offa The Dang Treehouse!  8/2/2008  Geocache
 A caching we will go!!  8/2/2008  Geocache
 Come Fly With Me  8/2/2008  Geocache
 Bob Denver's Hide  8/2/2008  Geocache
 I Can See You!  8/2/2008  Geocache
 Youthfull Times  8/2/2008  Geocache
 Cover Me  8/2/2008  Geocache
 Sticks and Stone  8/2/2008  Geocache
 Buttercup Creek 1  8/2/2008  Geocache
 Don't Fall  8/2/2008  Geocache
 An easy-first cache  7/30/2008  Geocache
 Piping down for Funky Cache!  7/26/2008  Geocache
 MACC Daddy  7/26/2008  Geocache
 Keep Austin Funky!  7/26/2008  Geocache
 Funkaliscious!  7/26/2008  Geocache
 Bouldin Mosaic  7/26/2008  Geocache
 Peace, Love and... Bison Tube?  7/26/2008  Geocache
 Outta Sight!  7/26/2008  Geocache