rlilly's Location Log Entries

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 Sittin' in High Cotton, Wipin' on the Top Leaf  2/19/2011  Geocache
 Under a Rock  2/19/2011  Geocache
 Stringing Ya Along  2/19/2011  Geocache
 Cheep!  2/19/2011  Geocache
 Teched in the Haid!  2/19/2011  Geocache
 Cycle Central Texas - Lost Pines  1/23/2011  Geocache
 Lost in the Pines Too  1/23/2011  Geocache
 kinda OK corral  11/6/2010  Geocache
 Incan Treasure  11/6/2010  Geocache
 Camping With the Indians  11/6/2010  Geocache
 XTX-71-K  10/25/2010  Geocache
 Hogwarts, Year 7 Bonus: Snape's Redemption  10/24/2010  Geocache
 Hogwarts, Year 6: Voldemort's Fourth Horcrux  10/23/2010  Geocache
 Hogwarts, Year 7: Neville's Conquest  10/23/2010  Geocache
 Hogwarts, Year 5: Hermione's Patronus  10/23/2010  Geocache
 Hogwarts, Year 4: Harry's First Task  10/23/2010  Geocache
 Hogwarts, Year 1: Hagrid's Beast  10/16/2010  Geocache
 Hogwarts, Year 3: Ron's Boggart  10/16/2010  Geocache
 Hogwarts, Year 2: Dumbledore's Defender  10/16/2010  Geocache
 Frankenstein's Piercing  10/10/2010  Geocache
 Yes, Another One of These at Another One of These!  10/10/2010  Geocache
 Fachwerk / Etaerio Club  5/20/2010  Geocache
 Shock-cracker  5/20/2010  Geocache
 XTX-71-A  5/20/2010  Geocache
 "I'm FIRSTY!"  5/19/2010  Geocache