riddles's Location Log Entries

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 "Up YOUR Greenbelt" Challenge  2/22/2003  Geocache
 Travis Country Woods Cache  2/22/2003  Geocache
 East is up, in the Eastwoods Enigma  2/12/2003  Geocache
 Dr. Harry 02  2/9/2003  Geocache
 Virtual Cache Mania II - Texas Heritage  2/1/2003  Geocache
 World War II - Austin  2/1/2003  Geocache
 UncleRojelio's Recycled Cache  2/1/2003  Geocache
 End of Watch  1/28/2003  Geocache
 The Rock  1/28/2003  Geocache
 Koi Cache  1/28/2003  Geocache
 Spinning in the wind  1/28/2003  Geocache
 The Tree That Wouldn't Die  1/28/2003  Geocache
 University of Texas Monopoly #2 (Railroad)  1/23/2003  Geocache
 A Sweetheart of an Event Cache  1/23/2003  Geocache
 Cache a Fallen Star  1/22/2003  Geocache
 Figures of Texas History #3  1/22/2003  Geocache
 West Bouldin Creek Greenbelt  1/11/2003  Geocache
 Keebler Geocache IV  1/11/2003  Geocache
 The Troll's Treasure  1/11/2003  Geocache
 Virtual Cache Mania I - Texas History  1/9/2003  Geocache
 Now Showing  1/8/2003  Geocache
 Cache o' cash  1/8/2003  Geocache
 It's Balcones Fault too  1/7/2003  Geocache
 Virtual Cache Mania III - Texas Academe  1/7/2003  Geocache
 Head Over Here  1/7/2003  Geocache