nedry's Location Log Entries

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 Take the Lead Out  9/18/2007  Geocache
 Mighty Mouse and Porky Pig must part  4/15/2007  Geocache
 Rock, Paper, Scissors  3/31/2007  Geocache
 Looking for Love (In All the Wrong Places)  11/18/2006  Geocache
 Junk in the Trunk  11/18/2006  Geocache
 Getting the Goose #12  11/3/2006  Geocache
 Getting the Goose #13  11/3/2006  Geocache
 ACS#3: Pumpkin Princess's Once Upon a Cache  3/22/2006  Geocache
 Filler Style  3/22/2006  Geocache
 One Way Ticket To Ride  12/10/2005  Geocache
 Helmet Buster  4/1/2005  Geocache
 St. Edward's Christmas Cache  3/29/2005  Geocache
 Captain Morgans Booty  3/29/2005  Geocache
 The Cat's Meow  3/29/2005  Geocache
 Why DID the chicken...?  3/20/2005  Geocache
 Keebler Geocache IV  3/19/2005  Geocache
 Watch Your Step  3/19/2005  Geocache
 Shameless Dedication series #6 Cacher X  3/19/2005  Geocache
 Terra's Treasure  3/19/2005  Geocache
 See  3/19/2005  Geocache
 The Troll's Treasure  3/19/2005  Geocache
 A Fortune In Cache  3/19/2005  Geocache
 Wanted: The Outlaw (Smackdaddy)  3/13/2005  Geocache
 Hawk's Haven  3/8/2005  Geocache
 YAWCC  2/13/2005  Geocache