jimboats's Location Log Entries

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 Lunch Break?  1/14/2015  Geocache
 Pack 101 Den 7 Commemorative Cache  1/14/2015  Geocache
 Entering the park with the Tush Brothers…  5/10/2014  Geocache
 It's Easy Being Green  5/7/2014  Geocache
 Dog Gonnit!  5/4/2014  Geocache
 Gnome Home  5/3/2014  Geocache
 cattle guard  4/4/2014  Geocache
 Middle Earth: Balrog  3/14/2014  Geocache
 Middle Earth: Morgul Blade  3/7/2014  Geocache
 Middle Earth: Saruman  3/5/2014  Geocache
 Middle Earth: Treebeard  3/5/2014  Geocache
 Middle Earth: Galadriel  3/3/2014  Geocache
 Middle Earth: Orcs of Moria  3/3/2014  Geocache
 Middle Earth: Legolas the Elf  2/28/2014  Geocache
 Middle Earth: Elrond Half-Elven  2/28/2014  Geocache
 Middle Earth: Gandalf the Grey  2/27/2014  Geocache
 Pace Bend Cache  2/26/2014  Geocache
 Rat Hole  8/3/2012  Geocache
 Zombie!  3/21/2012  Geocache
 Upper Falls Overlook  2/7/2012  Geocache
 Been A While  2/1/2012  Geocache
 Hotline  1/18/2012  Geocache
 Mary Moore Simple Cache  9/18/2011  Geocache
 Cemetery ? Virtual  6/23/2011  Geocache
 Sui Generis: (SOO-ee JEN-er-is)  6/21/2011  Geocache