catfrog's Location Log Entries

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 Slurpee Cache  8/16/2004  Geocache
 Boogies First Cache  8/16/2004  Geocache
 Perfectly Cromulent Cache  8/2/2004  Geocache
 Mason Art #1  8/1/2004  Geocache
 Slaughter Creek Cache  7/31/2004  Geocache
 Line Of Sight  7/31/2004  Geocache
 The Picard Nuptials  7/26/2004  Geocache
 Third Moon From Planet Essiada  7/24/2004  Geocache
 Wanted: The Outlaw (Smackdaddy)  7/24/2004  Geocache
 Cycle Central Texas - Old San Antonio Road  7/20/2004  Geocache
 What's THIS doing here?  7/20/2004  Geocache
 Throne for a loop  7/19/2004  Geocache
 Whirlpool Walkabout  7/19/2004  Geocache
 The House Is Rockin' Cache  7/18/2004  Geocache
 Cedar Fever  7/18/2004  Geocache
 Shameless Dedication #8 Earth Mother...  7/18/2004  Geocache
 Stargate P3097  7/18/2004  Geocache
 Go Fish Cache  7/18/2004  Geocache
 Green  7/18/2004  Geocache
 Waterloo Park Cache  7/16/2004  Geocache
 Rocket's Revenge  7/16/2004  Geocache
 The Round Rock  7/16/2004  Geocache
 Nowhere Man  7/16/2004  Geocache
 The Cactus Place  7/16/2004  Geocache
 Creek Junction  7/16/2004  Geocache