baytownbert's Location Log Entries

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 Off the Hook  3/15/2015  Geocache
 Why can't I own this?  10/24/2014  Geocache
 Spring Brake 14  10/24/2014  Geocache
 Birds & Bath  10/24/2014  Geocache
 Old Post and Baling Wire  10/24/2014  Geocache
 Hills Aren't Water Silly Billy!!!  10/24/2014  Geocache
 Hwy 32 Cache  10/24/2014  Geocache
 EAGLES PEAK  10/24/2014  Geocache
 Sunset Hill  10/24/2014  Geocache
 Blanco Cemetery Established 1849  10/24/2014  Geocache
 Wash Area  10/23/2014  Geocache
 Taylor Site  10/23/2014  Geocache
 Frontier Ingenuity  10/23/2014  Geocache
 Puppy Love: Play with Me!  10/23/2014  Geocache
 Changing Landscape  10/23/2014  Geocache
 Puppy Love: Please Don’t Tear Up  10/23/2014  Geocache
 Holy Cow!!!!  10/23/2014  Geocache
 Puppy Love: No! That is not your, Bella!  10/23/2014  Geocache
 Pipeline Log  10/23/2014  Geocache
 Pedernales Falls  10/23/2014  Geocache
 TxGCC13 Pedernales Falls  10/23/2014  Geocache
 Reflection of The Past  10/23/2014  Geocache
 Hail to thee!  10/23/2014  Geocache
 Cycle Central Texas - Jones Springs/Heaven  10/22/2014  Geocache
 Jones Spring Earthcache  10/22/2014  Geocache