UGoGirl's Location Log Entries

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 Andrew's First Hide  10/6/2013  Geocache
 Can Cars Come In Too?  10/5/2013  Geocache
 BBQ and fun  10/5/2013  Geocache
 Margarita-ville Park, Grab & Eat  10/5/2013  Geocache
 Pokecache  12/19/2009  Geocache
 Wanted: The Outlaw -- StoryTeller  12/19/2009  Geocache
 WCRP-MicroLBO  12/19/2009  Geocache
 KOOZIE TIME!!!  11/13/2005  Geocache
 Shameless Dedication series #2 WhatEVER  11/13/2005  Geocache
 The A-Maze-Ing Micro  7/9/2005  Geocache
 At the End of the Cowpath  10/19/2004  Geocache
 Leatherman2. A Second Chance  8/12/2004  Geocache
 FTF Fever  8/12/2004  Geocache
 Fishin' Hole  6/13/2004  Geocache
 WCFBC#1: Mr. Roger's Cache  2/16/2004  Geocache
 Urban Rest Area  2/16/2004  Geocache
 ...and everything nice  2/1/2004  Geocache
 It Sneaks Up on You  2/1/2004  Geocache
 Virtual Reality  1/21/2004  Geocache
 Off the Pier  1/10/2004  Geocache
 Confederate Park Cache  1/10/2004  Geocache
 Ville Hill  1/10/2004  Geocache
 Dana Peak hideout  1/10/2004  Geocache
 Lions Pride  1/10/2004  Geocache
 Kiddie Cache  1/10/2004  Geocache