Semper Questio's Location Log Entries

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 Between Innings  7/25/2015  Geocache
 BCT #5  7/24/2015  Geocache
 BCT #6  7/24/2015  Geocache
 Miles' Cache  5/2/2015  Geocache
 Catch a Yellow Dog  4/25/2015  Geocache
 Bell Steer Overlook  4/24/2015  Geocache
 Lexington Gazebo  4/19/2015  Geocache
 Ratliff Cemetery  4/18/2015  Geocache
 Early to Bed, Early to Rise...  4/18/2015  Geocache
 Y.A.R.N. - Cachimus,Vaminus,Searchimus  3/23/2015  Geocache
 License to Cache  3/23/2015  Geocache
 Y. A. R.N. - Pfville Farms  3/23/2015  Geocache
 Green Red Barn  3/23/2015  Geocache
 Genghis Khan was here  2/27/2015  Geocache
 Made For Walking  2/27/2015  Geocache
 Between Two Uncommon Sports  2/14/2015  Geocache
 Cricket Anyone?  2/14/2015  Geocache
 Welcome to Formula 1 Austin TX #3  11/19/2014  Geocache
 "Found" It @ The Park  11/2/2014  Geocache
 What's that tower?  10/18/2014  Geocache
 Loose Change  9/24/2014  Geocache
 The Grey Eagle  9/13/2014  Geocache
 Cafe, not actually on Red River  8/27/2014  Geocache
 FORE!  8/27/2014  Geocache
 River City Racing  8/27/2014  Geocache