Reesifert's Location Log Entries

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 Texas is on fire!  6/12/2015  Geocache
 Uptown Cache  6/12/2015  Geocache
 Movie Series - Frogs  11/17/2013  Geocache
 Nana's treasure chest  11/17/2013  Geocache
 On the second day, God created ...  11/17/2013  Geocache
 Sun City Series - Is There A Dr. In The House?  11/17/2013  Geocache
 The DUKE  7/2/2013  Geocache
 Hades Hideout  5/5/2013  Geocache
 C.A.C.  1/20/2013  Geocache
 Weeble Wobble  1/19/2013  Geocache
 Three Trees  2/13/2011  Geocache
 You got what for Christmas?!?  2/13/2011  Geocache
 Lefty  2/13/2011  Geocache
 Cache for Clunkers  11/22/2009  Geocache
 La's Park & Hide  11/22/2009  Geocache
 See Shell But No Sea  11/8/2009  Geocache
 Where's the Cache?  1/23/2009  Geocache
 Cache and Release  1/23/2009  Geocache
 Gnome Home  1/23/2009  Geocache
 On the Fourth Day of Christmas, my doggies gave to  1/15/2009  Geocache
 On the Sixth Day of Christmas, my doggies gave to  1/11/2009  Geocache
 Just another Georgetown Micro - The Undersigned  6/5/2008  Geocache
 Lion's Head Spring  2/23/2008  Geocache
 On the sixth day, God created ...  2/10/2008  Geocache
 TPS-BH WILDFLOWER  2/10/2008  Geocache