Ranger Rickad's Location Log Entries

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 Picasso  4/6/2015  Geocache
 It's Easy Being Green  2/21/2015  Geocache
 HLP - Solar(a)  9/11/2014  Geocache
 Another Cemetery Micro  9/30/2013  Geocache
 Braker Box  8/24/2013  Geocache
 Storage  7/6/2013  Geocache
 Hidden Trail  3/26/2011  Geocache
 Creekside Trail - "Ashley"  3/26/2011  Geocache
 Electric Fence  3/26/2011  Geocache
 Cycle Central Texas - Lost Pines  7/4/2010  Geocache
 "Yew" Gotta Like This One!  6/12/2010  Geocache
 "Star" PodCache  6/12/2010  Geocache
 Pond Whales!  6/12/2010  Geocache
 Tool Time in Pfluegerville!  6/12/2010  Geocache
 Pet "Rock"  6/12/2010  Geocache
 Academia Awaits  6/5/2010  Geocache
 Tennessee West Valley  6/5/2010  Geocache
 First Step's a Doozy  6/5/2010  Geocache
 "STONE"s Throw  6/2/2010  Geocache
 What-A-Cache, Cow!  5/29/2010  Geocache
 "Fire" Stone  5/29/2010  Geocache
 "K" - Marks the Spot  5/29/2010  Geocache
 BEST of the rolling STONEs  5/29/2010  Geocache
 "Stone"henge  5/29/2010  Geocache
 Corner Stone  5/29/2010  Geocache