HondoTX's Location Log Entries

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 The Drake Bridge  6/11/2006  Geocache
 Auditorium Shores Star Cache  6/11/2006  Geocache
 Between a Rock and a Hard Place  6/11/2006  Geocache
 The End of Braker As We Know It  7/30/2005  Geocache
 Standard Pacifica  7/23/2005  Geocache
 Is it really 1 mile?  7/23/2005  Geocache
 Bathroom Trash #1  7/23/2005  Geocache
 Cricket  4/15/2005  Geocache
 Under Water  2/6/2005  Geocache
 Cemetery ? Virtual  2/6/2005  Geocache
 FTF Fever  1/26/2005  Geocache
 Coppertone's Curse  1/23/2005  Geocache
 Dogs Off Leash  1/23/2005  Geocache
 Things on a Chain  1/23/2005  Geocache
 Bottomed Out Bone Us Bonus  1/23/2005  Geocache
 No Access To MoPac Loop 1  1/23/2005  Geocache
 Bryker-Woods Bug Cache  1/23/2005  Geocache
 Cache o' cash  1/22/2005  Geocache
 EL  1/22/2005  Geocache
 Milburn's Revenge  1/22/2005  Geocache
 hidden creek cache  1/22/2005  Geocache
 Scooby Doo Where Are You?  1/22/2005  Geocache
 Homing In  1/22/2005  Geocache
 Fishin' Hole  1/22/2005  Geocache
 The Upside Down "31" Cache  1/22/2005  Geocache