FlyingBrick's Location Log Entries

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 BHRP-3  5/1/2015  Geocache
 BHRP-1  5/1/2015  Geocache
 Flash  5/20/2014  Geocache
 My Humble Abode  10/29/2013  Geocache
 TxGCC13 Pedernales Falls  10/29/2013  Geocache
 Skyline No. 1  10/29/2013  Geocache
 Mary Moore Simple Cache  11/22/2012  Geocache
 Totally Tubular TX  11/22/2012  Geocache
 A camoflaged camo job  11/22/2012  Geocache
 Everything's Bigger in Texas  5/8/2012  Geocache
 Hogwarts, Year 4: Harry's First Task  5/8/2012  Geocache
 Hogwarts, Year 5: Hermione's Patronus  5/8/2012  Geocache
 Our 100th Cache Celebration Screw  4/23/2012  Geocache
 lonesome tree  4/6/2012  Geocache
 Pioneer Cache  4/6/2012  Geocache
 ...for as long as we both shall cache.  2/22/2012  Geocache
 Trail Head Travel Bug Hotel  1/17/2012  Geocache
 High and Dry  12/1/2011  Geocache
 You'll probably get wet at Trammel Crossing!  11/22/2011  Geocache
 The Coolest Armadillos in Texas  11/22/2011  Geocache
 GS Troop 1895 - Cactus Flower  11/22/2011  Geocache
 Missouri Pacific Railroad Water Cache  10/11/2011  Geocache
 Lockhart Loot  5/23/2010  Geocache
 GOTX30 Dan Moody  11/22/2009  Geocache
 Rocky Bluff update!  5/12/2009  Geocache