BewareOfPenguin's Location Log Entries

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 Along the trail #2  2/10/2015  Geocache
 GEOHERD # 3 (You Look There; I'll Look Here)  2/10/2015  Geocache
 Along the trail #1  2/10/2015  Geocache
 Along the Way 1  2/10/2015  Geocache
 Pop culture #3 George of the Jungle  2/10/2015  Geocache
 River Road Route  2/7/2015  Geocache
 Chalk One Up  8/26/2014  Geocache
 Chalk Two Up  8/26/2014  Geocache
 Up the Hill  8/25/2014  Geocache
 Ramrod's Nest  8/25/2014  Geocache
 A Tough Hike!  8/25/2014  Geocache
 The Woodland Termination Perplexion  8/25/2014  Geocache
 Bouncing in Trees  8/25/2014  Geocache
 CTU – WATER FROM A STONE (Edwards Aquifer)  8/25/2014  Geocache
 The Wall  8/25/2014  Geocache
 TB trade Hotel  7/27/2012  Geocache
 Rock 1  7/27/2012  Geocache
 Save The Cows!!  2/29/2012  Geocache
 Be observant virtual cache  2/21/2012  Geocache
 Archway to ?  2/21/2012  Geocache
 Making the Journey  1/30/2012  Geocache
 Prime place for a cache!  1/29/2012  Geocache
 TN Valley East Trail #5, End Of The Trail  12/20/2011  Geocache
 TN Valley East Trail #4, Miller Spring Bridge  12/20/2011  Geocache
 TN Valley East Trail #3, The Kiosk  12/20/2011  Geocache