Aggie and Teasip's Location Log Entries

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 Looking for Love (In All the Wrong Places)  11/27/2005  Geocache
 Bring Your Own Lawn Chair  11/26/2005  Geocache
 Don't Stumple and Fall  11/25/2005  Geocache
 Big O and Tiny E's secret cache  9/3/2005  Geocache
 Midnight Cave  8/27/2005  Geocache
 Rock, Paper, Scissors  8/26/2005  Geocache
 East is up, in the Eastwoods Enigma  8/22/2005  Geocache
 Loaded and Ready to Shoot  8/21/2005  Geocache
 Geocaching 101 (North)  8/15/2005  Geocache
 Bottomed Out Bone Us Bonus  7/29/2005  Geocache
 Leatherman2. A Second Chance  7/28/2005  Geocache
 Take A Nap  7/27/2005  Geocache
 Figures of Texas History #2  7/24/2005  Geocache
 Trolley Ollie In Come Free!  7/24/2005  Geocache
 A Fortune In Cache  7/16/2005  Geocache
 At the End of the Cowpath  7/10/2005  Geocache
 Honey, I've got to run over to...  7/6/2005  Geocache
 Bryker-Woods Bug Cache  7/2/2005  Geocache
 Under Fire  7/2/2005  Geocache
 No Access To MoPac Loop 1  7/1/2005  Geocache
 Learning to Fly  6/5/2005  Geocache
 And the Green Grass Grew All Around  5/18/2005  Geocache
 Panther Canyon Cache  5/16/2004  Geocache
 Cedar Fever  12/30/2003  Geocache
 Stumped  12/21/2003  Geocache