9key's Location Log Entries

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 Paris doesn't own this one  10/23/2011  Geocache
 Boot Scootin' Cache  10/22/2011  Geocache
 Virtual Cache Mania IV - Texas Tourism  9/4/2010  Geocache
 Mt. Bonnell  9/4/2010  Geocache
 It's About A Thing...  9/4/2010  Geocache
 Kincaid's Cache - Mt. Bonnell  9/4/2010  Geocache
 Necropolis of Britannia Manor III  9/4/2010  Geocache
 Krause Springs Garden Cache  9/4/2010  Geocache
 BOBC #1 - Dodd's Creek Bridge  7/29/2008  Geocache
 Doggie Break Cache  7/6/2003  Geocache
 Texas Virtual Movie Cache #2  7/6/2003  Geocache
 Cerro Cruz  7/5/2003  Geocache
 Salado College Cache  6/22/2003  Geocache
 Figures of Texas History #3  6/22/2003  Geocache
 Cache a Fallen Star  6/22/2003  Geocache
 Homing In  6/22/2003  Geocache
 Pickett Trail - 'On the Rocks'  6/22/2003  Geocache
 Pickett Trail - 'Straight Up!'  6/22/2003  Geocache
 It's Balcones Fault too  6/22/2003  Geocache
 Austin Map Cache  6/22/2003  Geocache
 Enchanted Forest  6/21/2003  Geocache
 Sign My Cast and Grab an Ammo Can!  6/21/2003  Geocache
 Hiders Block  6/21/2003  Geocache
 Old Post Office  6/21/2003  Geocache
 Automobile History in Texas?  2/17/2003  Geocache