kriding's Location Log Entries

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 in "THRALL" ed  11/27/2011  Geocache
 Texas Travel Bug University, Part Deux  11/28/2010  Geocache
 Head Over Here  11/28/2010  Geocache
 Eastbound and Down  7/5/2010  Geocache
 Party at the Moon Tower #2  7/2/2010  Geocache
 The Rock  7/2/2010  Geocache
 End of Watch  7/2/2010  Geocache
 Dead Ends of South Austin #1: St Edwards Dr  11/29/2009  Geocache
 Austin History Virtual Cache  11/28/2009  Geocache
 Virtual Cache Mania III - Texas Academe  11/28/2009  Geocache
 Grotto Cache Micro  11/25/2009  Geocache
 Beat the Heat - Mrs. Captain Picard Style!  11/25/2009  Geocache
 Shock-cracker  11/24/2009  Geocache
 Wood's Fort  11/24/2009  Geocache
 "I'm FIRSTY!"  11/24/2009  Geocache
 I Don't Want a Pickle  11/24/2009  Geocache
 ABOUT AUSTIN  11/25/2008  Geocache
 The Drake Bridge  11/25/2008  Geocache
 The House Is Rockin' Cache  11/25/2008  Geocache
 Home From Huntville # 9- Marthas Graveyard  11/25/2008  Geocache
 What Semik Loves About South Austin  11/25/2008  Geocache
 What dirich92 loves about South Austin  11/25/2008  Geocache
 Battle Bend Park (The Sign)  11/25/2008  Geocache
 Battle Bend Park  11/25/2008  Geocache
 Auditorium Shores Star Cache  7/12/2008  Geocache