daisybones's Location Log Entries

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 Completely Killed One  12/29/2013  Geocache
 Winter Solstice  12/6/2012  Geocache
 Art Star  3/15/2012  Geocache
 MACC Daddy  3/13/2012  Geocache
 Necropolis of Britannia Manor III  11/11/2010  Geocache
 Geography in the Greenbelt #1  11/23/2008  Geocache
 What Grn Beret 2b Loves About South Austin  11/9/2008  Geocache
 Woody's Treehouse  11/9/2008  Geocache
 Shameless Dedication #8 Earth Mother...  11/9/2008  Geocache
 Not Yet Logged  11/9/2008  Geocache
 Got Logged?  11/9/2008  Geocache
 Keep ON Loggin'  11/9/2008  Geocache
 Archimedes Was A Principled Man  11/9/2008  Geocache
 Christmas In July  11/8/2008  Geocache
 What ELSE the BigGP Loves About South Austin  11/8/2008  Geocache
 Emory's Cache No. 3  11/8/2008  Geocache
 AusTX GeoGuy's First Cache  11/8/2008  Geocache
 Tree-Umph  11/8/2008  Geocache
 What DNDJ Love About South Austin  11/8/2008  Geocache
 Sui Generis: (SOO-ee JEN-er-is)  11/8/2008  Geocache
 The Radpeople and the Knights of Shining Armour  11/8/2008  Geocache
 Taking Shelter  11/8/2008  Geocache
 Pfluger Pedestrian Nano  11/8/2008  Geocache
 Barton Creek Greenbelt 9mm  11/1/2008  Geocache
 THERMOMETER  10/29/2008  Geocache