Mustard Devil's Location Log Entries

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 Taylor Cemetery 2  3/7/2015  Geocache
 Taylor Cemetery 1  3/7/2015  Geocache
 And Now We Are Dunne!  3/7/2015  Geocache
 Taylor Cemetery 3  3/7/2015  Geocache
 Taylor Cemetery 2  3/7/2015  Geocache
 Murphy's Law -Final  3/7/2015  Geocache
 One for John  3/7/2015  Geocache
 Sticks and Stones - On the Edge of Eternity  3/7/2015  Geocache
 On The "Richter" Scale  3/7/2015  Geocache
 Hall of Fame--Soaring Eagle  10/26/2013  Geocache
 Hall of Fame--HiDude_98  10/26/2013  Geocache
 Hall of Fame--Bigguy in Texas  10/26/2013  Geocache
 Hall of Fame--Semper Questio  10/26/2013  Geocache
 Hall of Fame--Mrs. Captain Picard  10/26/2013  Geocache
 Hall of Fame--Moosiegirl  10/26/2013  Geocache
 Hall of Fame--The Outlaw  10/26/2013  Geocache
 Hall of Fame--Trey B  10/26/2013  Geocache
 Hall of Fame--Deafdillos  10/26/2013  Geocache
 Hall of Fame--Indigo Parrish  10/26/2013  Geocache
 Hall of Fame--Mrs. HiDude  10/26/2013  Geocache
 Hall of Fame-mda_taz  10/26/2013  Geocache
 Hall of Fame--jmd65  10/26/2013  Geocache
 Cen Tex Geocachers Hall of Fame Series  10/26/2013  Geocache
 Hall of Fame-Waterweasel  10/26/2013  Geocache
 Hall of Fame--Backwards Charlie from Austin  10/26/2013  Geocache