MustangPhreakPhate's Location Log Entries

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 In the wood off slaughter lane  3/27/2005  Geocache
 Out of the Loop  1/17/2005  Geocache
 EL  1/12/2005  Geocache
 Over a barrel  10/12/2004  Geocache
 Kay  10/11/2004  Geocache
 Oh!  10/11/2004  Geocache
 Wanted: The Outlaw! in Oak Hill  9/27/2004  Geocache
 Sunset Valley II  9/24/2004  Geocache
 Heroes' Cache #1  9/20/2004  Geocache
 Ducks, Ducks, Ducks Cache  9/1/2004  Geocache
 curiously strong car wash  9/1/2004  Geocache
 History Along the Comal River  9/1/2004  Geocache
 Lederhosen  9/1/2004  Geocache
 Cypress Bend  9/1/2004  Geocache
 McGauley Xmas Cache  9/1/2004  Geocache
 Emily Ann Cache  9/1/2004  Geocache
 Comal Springs  9/1/2004  Geocache
 Boot Scootin' Cache  9/1/2004  Geocache
 Gruene With Envy  9/1/2004  Geocache
 Buda Buddha  9/1/2004  Geocache
 Even the strong  9/1/2004  Geocache
 Dogs Off Leash  8/27/2004  Geocache
 Karst Area  8/26/2004  Geocache
 Stargate P3097  8/23/2004  Geocache
 Made in the Shade  8/13/2004  Geocache