Austin Explorer's Location Log Entries

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 Discovery Well Cave Preserve  8/9/2017 3.00Trail
 Rosemary Denny Park  8/8/2017 2.00Trail
 Elizabeth Milburn Park  8/6/2017 2.00Trail
 McRae Family Cemetery  8/6/2017 3.00Cemetery
 Yett Creek Park  10/30/2016 2.00Trail
 Timbeeeeerr!!  1/25/2015  Geocache
 Steck Valley Greenbelt  1/25/2015 2.00Trail
 Friendly Giant's Stonewall  1/25/2015 3.00Geocache
 You Might be a Geocacher  1/25/2015 3.00Geocache
 TreyB's 5K cache.  1/25/2015 3.00Geocache
 Llewella  1/25/2015 3.00Geocache
 Mansfield Dam Park  12/28/2013 2.50Trail
 Mansfield Dam Tramway  12/28/2013 2.00Historic Site
 Sometimes Cache  12/28/2013 2.00Geocache
 Sometimes Peninsula Cache  12/28/2013 2.00Geocache
 Johnson Creek Greenbelt  11/20/2013 1.00Trail
 Mueller Trails  11/19/2013 2.00Trail
 Haile Airport  11/19/2013 1.50Historic Site
 Hudson Bend Cemetery  11/18/2013 1.50Cemetery
 Greenway Primitive Trails at Bee Cave  11/3/2013 3.00Trail
 Round Rock West Greenbelt  7/20/2013 1.50Trail
 Round Rock West Park  7/20/2013 2.00Trail
 Greater Lake Creek Trail  7/20/2013 2.00Trail
 Sendero Springs Trail  7/6/2013 2.50Trail
 Wood Glen Hike and Bike Trail  7/6/2013 2.00Trail