The Outlaw's Location Log Entries

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 Liberty Oaks  9/2/2015  Geocache
 Umpire Strikes Back  9/2/2015  Geocache
 T-Rex in the Woods  9/2/2015  Geocache
 HiDude Faith  9/2/2015  Geocache
 HiDude_98 Stick-to-it-ivness  9/2/2015  Geocache
 The Root Of It  9/2/2015  Geocache
 Carhop  9/2/2015  Geocache
 Pokécache  9/2/2015  Geocache
 God is near  9/2/2015  Geocache
 CTU - EDWARDS OVERHANG  8/30/2015  Geocache
 CTU – WATER FROM A STONE (Edwards Aquifer)  7/24/2015  Geocache
 Rock wall under the bridge  7/2/2015  Geocache
 Tres Hermosos Arboles Robles  7/2/2015  Geocache
 Vine Covered Fence  7/2/2015  Geocache
 M is for ?  7/2/2015  Geocache
 Feeling a little Crabby Today  7/2/2015  Geocache
 The Wall  6/30/2015  Geocache
 Bouncing in Trees  6/30/2015  Geocache
 The Chalk Ridge Fallen  6/30/2015  Geocache
 The Proposal  6/30/2015  Geocache
 HiDude 98 - 50K Tribute  3/16/2015  Geocache
 HiDude_98 Humor  3/16/2015  Geocache
 Shadow  3/16/2015  Geocache
 Hmm? #5... Gone Fishing!  3/16/2015  Geocache
 HiDude_98 FUN!  3/16/2015  Geocache