User: Texpride12 - 8/31/2005

Location: The Canyonlands

Rating: 3point5stars
Difficulty: 2stars  Solitude: 4stars
Miles Hiked: 2.50 Miles  Elapsed Time: N/A

Comments: The hike was a bit hot but was shaded in many spots which made for some nice cool canyon breezes in some spots. Not a very hard trail although the hike back up to the top may be a bit difficult for beginners or elderly. I did here a bit of contruction going on which is a shame but overall it made for a decent trek. It was a bit dry during our hike but the creek bed showed signs of holding water during the wet season so I might try it again at a different date to see how much it changes.

Log Photos
Skull At the Canyonlands
Area around The Canyonlands