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Social Logins

Q. Why should I register on Austin Explorer using my existing social login credentials or link my logins with my account here?
By associating your Austin Explorer account with your social network logins you'll be able to login here without having to remember yet another password. In addition in the future you'll have the opportunity to post your adventures on your Facebook wall or via Tweets allowing others to see what you're up to even if they don't log in here.

Q. Will Austin Explorer have access to my social network passwords?
No. User name and password validations are done by the social network in question and tokens are passed back to this site letting it know if the validation was successful. This site never has access to your social network passwords.

Q. What will Austin Explorer do with the information provided through my linked login?
Austin Explorer's privacy policy details how we use some information provided by you. To implement linked social logins we've partnered with Oneall.com to provide this functionality and they have their own privacy policy detailing their use of any information obtained.

Q. Which social networks can I link to my account?
Currently, Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Twitter and Yahoo accounts are supported. More may be added at a later date.

Q. Can I undo a link between my account here and one or more of my social logins?
Yes. If you've already linked a social login to your account here, just visit the Link to Social Networks page and press the "Unlink All Social Logins" button. Alternately you can unlink specific social login accounts by clicking on the appropriate social network.

Q. I've tried to unlink the last social login from my account but I'm told that the system must maintain at least one linked login? What can I do?
Visit the Link to Social Networks page and press the "Unlink All Social Logins" button. The unlink all social logins button overcomes the limitation of deleting the last social network link.