ridleycat's Location Log Entries

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 Springbrook SE  11/29/2014  Geocache
 Springbrook NE  11/29/2014  Geocache
 Change Exchange Cash Cache  1/1/2008  Geocache
 Can You Help me? I'm Lost.  9/8/2007  Geocache
 Movie Exchange Cache  3/18/2007  Geocache
 The Daily Cache  3/16/2007  Geocache
 Impounded in East Campus  3/16/2007  Geocache
 Texas Travel Bug University, Part Deux  3/16/2007  Geocache
 We're Moving #2 - Hit Me With Your Best Shot  3/4/2007  Geocache
 My Eyes are Upon You!! II  3/3/2007  Geocache
 Sesquicentennial Summer  3/3/2007  Geocache
 Fun & Games  3/3/2007  Geocache
 Take A Break Jr.  3/3/2007  Geocache
 Hungry-Hungry Hill-Berts  3/3/2007  Geocache
 keeping austin weird: epoch coffee  3/3/2007  Geocache
 Austin Music Box  2/17/2007  Geocache
 An geocache  2/17/2007  Geocache
 Over the River and Through the Woods  2/17/2007  Geocache
 Be observant virtual cache  2/10/2007  Geocache
 Castleview Picnic - Recycled  2/10/2007  Geocache
 RK Stash  2/10/2007  Geocache
 Backbone Ridge Cache  2/10/2007  Geocache
 Peep Show  2/10/2007  Geocache
 Ashley's Stash  2/10/2007  Geocache
 Rocky Top  2/10/2007  Geocache