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Buxley's Geocaching Waypoint 
Excellent caching site with an emphasis on mapping.  
This is an earth-friendly version of geocaching and letterboxing, and is a great way to share and find beautiful and interesting places.  
Geocache Monarch Tracking & Release Program 
Monarch travel bug release and information site. 
The main site for geocaching worldwide. Contains the official cache information for most of the world's caches.  
Letterboxing North America 
Not geocaching, but closely related. Posted clues lead searchers to the hidden cache or letterbox instead of using a GPS receiver.  
An alternate cache listing site.  
Open Caching 
Garmin's geocaching website where one can hide, find and log caches. 
A semi-open community of serious cachers who banded together to promote innovative caches not welcome on some of the other caching sites.  
Today's Cacher 
The online magazine for geocachers everywhere. Contains all manner of articles related to geocaching.  

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