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Austin, Texas Then and Now 
Website describing a book that pairs historic photographs of Austin with the modern view taken from the same spot as the original.  
Cold War Austin 
Site highlighting Austin area facilities related to national and civil defense.  
French Legation Museum 
Nestled in a quiet, green corner of the bustling modern capital of the State of Texas, the French Legation was originally built in 1840-41 to be the residence of the chargé d'affaires who represented the government of France in the Republic of Texas.  
Texas Memorial Museum of Science and History 
Natural history museum on the campus of the University of Texas.  
Texas State History Museum 
The Bob Bullock Texas State History Museum is a dynamic educational institution that engages visitors in the exciting Story of Texas through a variety of program and exhibit experiences. The Museum provides a new kind of history experience -- one that recognizes that Texas is unique because of its history.  

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